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Black and Whites

Some black and white photos from, well, a while ago….






2 Responses to Black and Whites

  • Betsy says:

    How are you Bernie? My son Stephen saw you & Wayne at the game the other night, he was thrilled! Just loves Wayne! Well, its been a long time! Betsy

  • Hi Bernie! Well this is just amazing! Please take a moment out of your blessed life and read this please. Just a few days ago, I had a dream about playing hockey ( I played all my life). My dad died in a car wreck when i was age 5. My mom married a man when I was age 12. he was from Montreal and played for years for the Canada farm teams.
    He got me into ice hockey. My dream was to be a pro goalie. You were my idle as a kid. Even though we had season tickets to the New York Islanders. I was fortunate enough to be a part of their awesome expansion team victories and the thrilling excitement!

    Well, when the flyers came to town, I just loved watching “your style, through the years. So whenever YOU came to the Nassau Coliseum to play the Islanders, I would go to that game for sure.

    So one night after the game, my step dad, Maurice took me down stairs, spoke french and asked someone to get you when you came out of the locker room. My dad spoke to you. I HAD WITH ME, The TIME Magazine with YOU on the cover and you signed it for me! You then said I could go run on your team bus and I did! I got ALL THE FLYERS AUTOGRAPHS!

    The SAD THING IS that I lost it in a flood years ago in New Hampshire. Now the irony of this story is that the dream I had the other night, which I shared with my mom, about you and that ” old magazine” I used to have, was gone- was actually on your BIRTHDAY! iS THIS NOT AMAZING!

    So this morning I got the “feeling” to just google your name and see what happens-
    There you are! I found you my great friend! I am so GLAD AND HAPPY that you are well sir!

    If you are ever in Santa Barbara, California- please look me up!

    Also if you can ever find the time, I would really love your autograph on that magazine if you have one lying around.

    I just heart inside so much that I don’t have that anymore. God i wish I was a goalie. Now I am too old. I cherish how you provided such a POSITIVE IMPACT on my life from the age of only 12 and to this day!

    This is great. I have a smile on my face now.

    See, I knew there was a “light” about you. As a child i became elated when I would see you play. Your aura,your presence.

    Thank you for your time so much this Sunday Morning.

    Your BEST fan since 1971.
    That TIME MAGAZINE COVER WAS Feb 24, 1975. War On Ice Issue.

    Gratefully yours,

    Charles Cherrier
    Post Office Box 60553
    Santa Barbara, Ca. 93160



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