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Bernie Parent's Book.
Journey Through Risk and Fear
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Bernie has teamed up with the Bethesda Project an organization that is making a difference in Philadelphia.

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with famed Flyers Goalie and Hall of Fame Icon, Bernie Parent. Parent, author of "Journey through Risk and Fear". Parent works with a company's most valuable assets, their people and with his trademark charisma, Parent can help motivate and educate through a broad range of customized programs for your company.
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Here are some photos we had laying around.   We will get some additional ones soon.  Besides the pictures on this page you can also check out a few other Galleries we have that are listed below.

Movie: A Trip down Memory Lave

Four Oldie but Goodies

Here’s a Gallery of Photos from the NHL

A Gallery Of Parade Pictures

Fan Photos
Copies of Pictures sent in by fans.

New Fishing Pictures July 2008 – Gallery 1

New Fishing Pictures July 2008 – Gallery 2

Photos in the two fishing galleries above
were take by Marc Fleischner.

On the water with Mike Smerconish 


One of my favorite shots!! A saved one!


Proud as could be.


Ever see these???

berniecard1-200.jpg   berniecard2-200.jpg

berniecard3-200.jpg   berniecard4-200.jpg

berniecard5-120.jpg   berniecard6-120.jpg   berniecard7-120.jpg

berniecard8-120.jpg   berniecarda-120.jpg   berniecard9-120.jpg