Have Bernie Parent do an Inspirational and Motivational Presentation at your event.
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Bernie Parent's Book.
Journey Through Risk and Fear
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Bernie's Official Photographer

Bernie has teamed up with the Bethesda Project an organization that is making a difference in Philadelphia.

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with famed Flyers Goalie and Hall of Fame Icon, Bernie Parent. Parent, author of "Journey through Risk and Fear". Parent works with a company's most valuable assets, their people and with his trademark charisma, Parent can help motivate and educate through a broad range of customized programs for your company.
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and align yourself as a winner.

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Get items autographed that you already have!

Bernie will autograph personal items that are sent to him for a nominal fee.

Please click the link below to the form that will need to be filled out and sent in with your item, along with payment to include return shipping fee.

We have the right to turn down any items for signature after seeing them.

Items will be returned within 2 weeks of receipt but can be returned sooner if requested.

Download the form below and mail it it with your item.

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