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Bernie Parent's Book.
Journey Through Risk and Fear
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Bernie's Official Photographer

Bernie has teamed up with the Bethesda Project an organization that is making a difference in Philadelphia.

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with famed Flyers Goalie and Hall of Fame Icon, Bernie Parent. Parent, author of "Journey through Risk and Fear". Parent works with a company's most valuable assets, their people and with his trademark charisma, Parent can help motivate and educate through a broad range of customized programs for your company.
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Exclusive Bernie Parent Poster

This one-of-a-kind, poster size photograph including shots from the 2012 Winter Classic and other unforgettable moments from Bernie Parent’s career is now available EXCLUSIVELY through www.bernieparent.net. We have exclusive rights to this poster, with original artistry by Mike Oulton, a Canadian resident and Parent fan. THIS IS THE ONLY COMMEMORATIVE PIECE BERNIE IS ENDORSING! We are offering this elite, autographed poster for an unmatched $49.00 plus shipping, with complete retail value at $125.00!



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