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The Mask for the Winter Classic

I can’t begin to tell you how overwhelming the response to yesterdays announcement that I will be playing in the Winter Classic Alumni game on December 31, 2011.  There have been a lot of e mails sent asking all kind of questions the most being what mask I will be wearing.  Well the answer is my 1974 Fibro. 

The Winter Classic is a celebration of the great game of hockey the way it all started for many of us outside in the elements, it’s a beautiful thing!


I have said it before that the Flyers fans played a huge role in us winning back to back Stanly Cups and are by far the best fans in all sports! I am honored to have this chance to lace up the skates one more time in the great city of Philadelphia. Keep the e mails and questions coming !


4 Responses to The Mask for the Winter Classic

  • Nancy Blanck says:


    We are honored to be able to see you & Hexy lace them up one more time for The Flyers 🙂 As Shero said, “Win today & we walk together forever”!!!

    I am so excited that I will have the chance to be there 🙂

    My friends and I use to have season tickets in Section B at the Spectrum and would chat with you when you came around to get your icecream cone. As much as I love the new building, I sure miss the old Spectrum!

  • Rudy Homiak says:

    Bernie, seeing you play on the 31st will be a dream come true. I’ll be hearing Gene Hart calling your saves! Is there any chance that I could make a donation to the Flyers Wives Charity and in return receive the stick that you’ll be using in the game? Please let me know. Thanks and God Bless!

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  • Phil Milan says:

    Hi Bernie Well the master comes back one more time What a dream come true for all Flyers fans to see the greatest goalie play Reilving 74 and 75 and the glory yrsof the Stanley Cup I can still the hear the chant Bernie Bernie …………….. Bobby Clarke may have been the heart and soul but Bernie is the MVP of the team Go get them Bernie and Good luck

    Thanks Phil 🙂

    PS Save one for Pelle 🙂