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The Bernie Parent Weekly Fishing Report

Well after a long winter, this spring sure has been nice! Tog, stripers and now the blue fish have invaded. We’re using weighted jigs with plastics such as fin-s to zooms. Bluefish have made their presence known around Cape May. Keeper bass continue to be taken from both boats and from the beach.

If you’ve been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, the striper fishing has been phenomenal.  The bass have been pushing the bunker schools up to the beaches. Pencil poppers and swimmers have taken bass up to 45 pounds that I know of. Bluefish have been in the mix at times too. And fishing a fish finder rig with a bunker chunk gives you shot at either bass or bluefish. I hear their getting big blues casting metals from the rocks. Let it sink to the bottom and slowly jig it back. Make sure you have the proper gear to get them up the rocks out of the water. Water temps took a dip earlier in the week and that can be a good thing. The bait, therefore the bass, should stick around for quite a bit longer.

It’s been good to see a lot of catch and release being practiced on these big bass. Take a smaller legal bass for the table, but releasing the big girls ensures the future of the striper fishery.


4 Responses to The Bernie Parent Weekly Fishing Report

  • daryl bishop says:

    sounds wonderful bernie. not as wonderful as the flyers last night. great game.

  • Linda says:

    Hey Bernie I was the lucky bidder on the jersey at the Sports HOF dinner for my husband, we were Kane Kalas and his sister and just wanted to say thanks and how does one get to go fishing with Bernie on his boat. Me and my husband would love to go out one day with ya !!!! Thanks, Linda Citara

  • daryl bishop says:

    .good luck to the flyers tonight, they can do it

  • Rick says:

    Just clued into the irony of your boat’s name. The French Connection. Isn’t that the line you shut down to win your 2nd Stanley Cup? I’m sure that wasn’t your intent when naming her. Just coincidence. May all your trips be fog free, Bernie. Happy fishing. Have you ever fished off Vancouver Island BC? Great salmon and halibut fishing off the top end of the rock.